Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes

The Tales I Tell

The Tales I Tell is an exhibition-related satellite project in which texts containing everyday stories or critical perspectives on experiencing on-line platform Watch and Chill according to writers’ own tastes are produced and shared on the platform. The project was planned to examine from a personal and private perspective how artworks can be viewed on on-line media platforms in accordance with the rapid changes in video content viewing methods brought by the appearance of diverse media platforms. Like the exhibition itself, the project will last for three years, continuously producing discourses in consideration of the direction and expansive potential of the themes of later exhibitions.

The project consists of three parts.

Part 1: ‘The Experienced Museum: Arriving Folded into Private Spaces – Watch and Chill Streams Art to Your Home’.
Yoo Hyunjoo (professor, Yonsei University)
Today, thanks to media platforms, we are able to watch video content with ease, any time and anywhere. The viewer no longer goes to find content in its location; rather, the viewer’s location becomes the venue for viewing. In this text, Professor Yoo Hyunjoo attempts to examine ways of viewing cultural and artistic content on on-line media platforms from a critical perspective.

Part 2: Platform experience diaries of cultural figures: ‘On Privacy’
Yoon Hyangro (contemporary artist), Jo Eunbi (independent curator), Lee Gi-ri (poet)
In the age of COVID, the home has become not just a place of dwelling but a multipurpose space of work, childcare, friendship and more. In On Privacy, contemporary cultural figures using their homes for a variety of purposes share the diaries they kept while experiencing the on-line Watch and Chill platform. Their diary entries offer a glimpse of how experiences and viewing methods differ according to factors such as personal taste and environment.

Part 3: ‘Journey’: A novelist’s short platform travel essay
Baek Min-seok (novelist)
Watch and Chill allows users to wander around a website in accordance with personal taste. In this sense, it can be seen as similar to the modes of experience found in travel. At a time of restricted physical travel, one novelist experiences an on-line platform as if on a journey of his own, then conveys the outcome in a short essay, sharing his new artwork viewing experiences in long breaths.

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