The second season of Watch and Chill is now closed.

Watch and Chill season 3 launches in April this year.

Physical Presentations
Gallery 6, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Republic of Korea
2022.6.10. ~ 2022.9.12.
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For the exhibition Watch and Chill 2.0: Streaming Senses at MMCA Seoul, architectural studio BARE (Yunhee Choi, Jinhong Jeon), designed Air Rest (2022), assembling pneumatic modular units. Their work allows for a sensory experience within the digital environment through the assembly of “air” which acts as a motif for the flow of data and the immaterial forms.

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Photo by Kyungsub Shin

Gallery 5, Al Mureijah Art Space, Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates
2022.9.2. ~ 2022.12.11.
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샤르자에서 구현된 《감각의 공간, 워치 앤 칠 2.0》 은 온라인으로 스트리밍을 보완하고 확장한다. 대형 프로젝션에서 개인을 위한 포드, 연속 상영과 개벼 설치로 이루어진 전시장은 무빙 이미지를 경험하는 다양한 방식을 제안한다. 

ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
2022.12.2. ~ 2022.12.10.
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아크데스에서 《감각의 공간, 워치 앤 칠 2.0》 은 상영 시리즈와 라이브 액션 롤플레잉(LARP)과 디자인, 공적인 생활 환경에 대한 대담으로 구현되었다.  

Photo: Sima Korenivski, James Taylor-Foster